Brokers Help You to Obtain Customized Commercial Insurance Coverage for Masons


Working with concrete, brick, and stone can be challenging. The building materials that masons handle are heavy, and the equipment they use can be complex to operate. Although your business undoubtedly has many policies in place designed to keep your workers safe, the construction business in general -- and masonry work in particular -- has inherent risks. Do you have excellent insurance coverage? Many businesses choose generalized insurance packages that may or may not apply to the types of masonry work that they do. That’s why purchasing customized commercial insurance coverage for masons can be both cost-effective and crucial.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Most insurance companies offer commercial insurance packages that are slightly "customized.” However, these are usually basic policies that are modified slightly to reflect the trade and the number of employees a business has. These are, in fact, slight variations on "one size fits all” policies. With this sort of policy, you often end up paying for coverage you don’t need, or worse, not getting the correct kind of coverage. How then, can you tell if your insurance actually covers the specific needs of your business?


The place to start is with an insurance broker skilled in customized commercial insurance. A broker will usually begin with a comprehensive risk analysis and a full evaluation of your insurance needs. This broker should be willing to go the extra mile for his/her clients, and put in the time necessary to understand your company and the way it operates. Sometimes business owners worry that this type of comprehensive service will cost them more, but in fact, having a detailed risk assessment done will more often result in reduced insurance premiums. By paying for the insurance coverage that you need – but onlyfor the coverage you need -- you will save money and gain peace of mind.


Your Customized Plan


Your insurance broker should meet with you to discuss your business and the specific types of jobs you do. Does your company concentrate mainly on home renovations, for example, or do you often fabricate sidewalks and street curbs? What type of training is in place for workers? Do your masons operate forklifts, dump trucks, cement mixers, and/or flatbeds? Do they cut or break bricks and concrete using power saws, paving breakers, and/or drills? How often do masons work on upper storeys using a swinging stage or scaffolding? How much training do your workers receive? What safety procedures are in place? How often are workers inspected by management with regard to safety?


A good broker will get to know your business in detail. Working with a safety specialist he or she can present you with a risk assessment analysis that takes into account the unique aspects of your situation. The broker can then help you to access companies that will create a policy specific to your employees, your physical assets, business income, and your liability exposure.


Contact an insurance broker that emphasizes the relationship between broker and client, and customize your insurance coverage for your masons team. You may never need to make a claim – but if you do, you’ll know that your business and your workers will be protected.

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